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international affairs, and to some degree, domestic affairs. >> the former president later issued a statement saying, quote,hat i meant was for 27 years the carter center provided me with superior opportunities to do good. >> stay with us now. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. cooldown. there is a chill in the air with another summer like blast right around the corner. campus crime. police lock up another suspect in nnection with a string of robberies involving the university of maryland students. driving distracted. a national problem under the microscope in d.c. today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. 21st of september, 2010. a live look outside right now at 5:01 a.m. it is 57 degrees. cool, chilly start to the
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morning. looking for a jacket. couldn't find one, tom. had to break out all the winter stuff, i guss. >> in fact, we do have temperatures in many locations down into the 40s in the rural areas of maryland and virginia. 58 at national airport. near the bay, 60. elsewhere, 50s and 40s throughout much of the region. mountains, 40s. western maryland, west virginia, eastern shore, low 50s. we have a clear sky, bright, full moon competing with very bright jupiter. this was tak by one of our viewers last night. david took this of jupiter and its moons. we're closer to jupit that we will be until the year 2022. later today, bright sun. afternoon highs near 80 degrees. 90 on wednesday, thursday, friday. chance of showers on thursday. jerry, how is the traffic? >> a little sampling on the capital beltway headed toward the american legion bridge.
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outer loop, inner loop, both directions moving along nicely. suth of town, wilson bridge, outer loop in alexandria doing fine, as is the inner on loop. looksike we're doing okay. eun? >> jerry, thank you. this morning the search is on for what happened to a man found dead blocks from the u.s. capitol. csx workers found a man's body on the tracks near second street and east street late last night. police say the body may have been on the tracks for a few days. it is described as that of a black man in his 40s or 50s. at this point police do not ow if he was killed or died of natural causes. this morning another break in the string of rob are list in college park. police arrested a second man wanted in the attacks near the university of maryland. megan has more on this arrest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning,
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joe. there have actually been several robberies surrounding the university of maryland the last couple weeks. police are making progress. in a case that occurred august 8th, two people, one of them a university of maryland student, were robbed at gunpoint back on august 8th. they were in the parking lot at the quality inn. following that crime, police say the suspect used one of e victim's credit cards in a convenience store. that's where thisurveillance was taken. police have been able to use that videotape to identify the robbers. yesterday they arrested 21-year-old andr hillox. he's toward the rer of the convenience store. last week they arrested 19-year-old shaw. they are still looking for a third suspect who is seen in the surveillance tape. now, there have been six robberies in the university of maryland area since august 8th. it's unclear if some of the crimes are receipted. that's certainly something
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police are looking into. sometimes the suspects have had guns. the august 8th crime, for example, they were armed with wo hand guns. other times there are no weapons that are displayed. in some cases the victims have been beaten. all the cases happen in the neighborhood immediately surrounding the campus and in some cases the victims were students. in other cases, not. all of these crimes happened early in e morning. people are being warned not to walk alone between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. joe, back to you. >> good advice. megan mcgrath reporting live. two children in the hospital with serious injuries after they were hit by a car. it happened about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the twoids were crossing polk street near ken nellworth near northeast ashington when they were hit. the driver stayed on thescene. no word whether charges will be filed. both children are 10 years old. a middle and high school wrestlingreferee is in big trouble this morning. he's behind bars after being
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charged with possession of child pornography. police might never have discovered it if the house next door might not have cauht on fire. jackie benson reports. >> reporter: after a june fire at this town house on green heron way in virginia, firefighters entered the home next door to determine if the blaze had spread. there they made a disturbing discovery. photos spread out on a table. >> they found what they believed to be suspected pornographiment they, in turn, notified the police dertment and we conductedn investigation. >> at first we thought it might be hoarding. >> one neighbor noticed an unusual level of police activity that day. >> we saw a bunch of police go in. a bunch were sitting here, waiting and waiting and waiting. they finally came out with seven to nine boxes of stuff. >> reporter: after a three month-long investigation a arrant was issued charging 51-year-old with ten counts of child pornography. he judges middle school and high
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school wrestling matches. they issued a statement that said in part . bar get has been placed on indefinite suspension during the fairfax county police investigation. if these alegations are true, this sort of activity is highly inappropriate for anyone to be involved with, especially for someone who deals with children. bar get was arrested sunday after being involved in an unrelated traffic accident in fairfax county. >> during the investigation of the traffic crash, the officer went and arrested him on those warrants. >> bar get is a firefighter. he has been place on administrative leave pending the outcome of a police investigation. jackie benson, news 4 today. this morning we are following a developing story out ofafghanistan. nine international calition service members are dead after a helicopter crash in afghanistan. nato says two others were injured in the crash, including a u.s. citizen. officials have not released the
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cause of the crash but there were no reports of enemy fire in that area. the deaths bring the number of international troops killed this month in the country to 32. time is 5:07. 57 degrees outside. chilly out there. a local library worries about book not book worms but bedbugs. and the forecast on this tuesday morning manipulate a illy one.
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weather and traffic on this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. sky camera looking off to the west. upper level wind at 300 feet. and the nearly full moon is now setting in the western sky.
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pumpkin colored moon at this hour. right now it's in the upper 50s in washinon. near 60 by the way. elsewhere, near 50 in prince george's. 40s in montgomery and fairfax couny. many areas in the 40s this morning. we sould warm to near 80 with lots of sun. tomorrow morning, near 60 under a clear sky. hotter in the upper 80s to near 90. we could get a shower on thursday. a look into the weekend in ten minutes. how is the traff now, jerry? >> very quiet between roslyn and georgetown. let's e how we're doing elsewhere. not to worry. beltway and the trip through greenbelt moving along in both directions. inner loop and outer loop both with little volume. 5:11. 57 degrees. aheadon news 4 today, why the smart trip cardmay not be the smartest option for many
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commuters. and changes being made to the plans to tighten security at the mro station. addressing a dproeg danger on the roads. who is tackling the problem of distracted driving.
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5:14. these are the top stories in the news today. in afghanistan, the worst crash for coalition forces in four years claim the lives of nine international troops. nato reports two others were injured in that crash. the taliban claims responsibility for it so far. nato says there were no report of enemy fire. this surveillance video helped out a lot. after six robberies, some on the gunpoint, some college park police are closing in on the robbers. a warrant was issued for 21-year-old andrew hillox. he turned himself in. they also arrested a 19 yooer in
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connection with the same robbery. a man is arrested after a 3 month long investigation. ten counts of child pornography. this investigation first began when fire officials discovered suspicious materials while looking at a blaze at a neighbor's home. two 10-year-old children after they were hit by a car at 5:00 last night. the two kids were crossing polk street in northeast washington. the driver did stay there on the scene. eun, back to you in the studio. >> kimberly, thank you. >> you're welcome. a new push to crack down on distracted drivers. it is not safe to talk on phones and do other tasks. the results could be deadly. tracee wilkins is live with details on this summit. t trac, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it's like all this technology is coming to be bad for drivers who
5:16 am
are trying to use the tecology while driving. more than 5,000 drivers were killed. accidents involving distracted driving. nearly half a million injured. federal officials are calling this an epidemic. today the u.s. department of transpoation will be meeting with crash victims, faly members, law enforcement, safety advocates and industry to try and find a solution to wha they're calling a national problem. >> the way we got drunk drivers off the road is when we arresd them and threw them in jail. we know the reason 85% of the people buckle up today is because tickets have been written and people really get it now. that's where we want to be with distracted drivin >> reporter: they examine the results of police officers and
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distracted drives in one community versus another community where there wasn't any kind of enforcement. they're going to explain what differences they saw between the two communities. the whole id is to get everyone involvedin trying to come up with solutions. tracee wilkins, live in alexandr alexandralex an dree ya. the charm card debuts today. it may be a cheaper option for commuters on metro. it can be used in all of mta bus, subway and light rail system but it can be used on metro and regional bus systems including ride on and the fairfax connector. in turn, cards will be accepted wherever cards are accepted. it will cost $2.50. that is half the price of the smart trip card. they could be purchased online or cvs for $10, with $7.50
5:18 am
loaded on the ca. the defense department is revising plans to move security check points closer to the metro station and bus bays according to the washington examiner. in july, pentagon officials announced plans to move security screenings farther away from the pentagon to increase safety. but that was protested saying it would limit access for the disabled. this me prompted by the shooting back in march when a man entered the station and began firing a gun, wounding two cars bore being shot and killed by police. new report released this morning suggests the united states is in denial about t impact alzheimer's has on our aging population. more than 35 million people worldwide have some form of dement dementia. and the cost to care for them is
5:19 am
expected to double over the next 20 years. nbc's tracie tts is on capitol hill to explain the report. >> do you know what kind of flower this is? >> petunia. >> if dementia were a country, it would be bigger than switzerland. adi reports today that dementia will cost $604 billion worldwide this year. >> it will cost us, over the next 40 years, 0 trillion just to care for people without ever investing to change the course of the disease. >> with millions of baby boomers risk, adi says the u.s. need a national plan like france, austria, england. today they are bringing signatures to capitol hill begging congress to make alzheimer's a national priority. >> we need more research. we need a plan for alzheimer's so we can see the changes occur for the people who would otherwise suffer from the
5:20 am
disease in the years ahead. >> adi reports half of those are upper income. most in western europe. most of them living at home with a spouse. >> in fact, the authors of this report talk about the impact of alzheimer's on regivers, that's something that cannot be measured. here on capitol hill today, they will be advocating for more money, a 15-fold increase in research dollars. li from capitol hill, tracie potts, news 4. >> thanks very much, tracie. a problem starting to plague this country, bedbugs. now they have invaded a local library. an item returned to the book drop in frederick county, maryland contained signs of bedbugs. it shut down the book drop and late fines were forgiven. a two-day summit about bedbugs will begin in chicago. more than a dozen entomlogits
5:21 am
will attend. >> hope that item wasn't good night, moon. >> this morning we have the moon up. we have a clear start to this esday. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. a chilly start. this is our chilliest morning we have had so far this autumn season. down in e 40s west of interstate 95. near 50 closer to the beltway. near 60 as well as near the bay. later today, highs reaching near 80 with lots of sun. warming up. not quite done with us yet. near 90 wednesday, thursday, friday. lots of suntomorrow. a few clouds thursday. might get a shower late wednesday night. then after that remaining hot. here's a look at the weekend. saturday, mostly sunny, near 80. a few clouds sunday and monday.
5:22 am
small chance of a shower. cooler with highs in the seft. jerry, how is the traffic? >> very quiet morning making the drive on route 50, arlington boulevard from virginia, from t beway into arlington. no worries. everything looks good at this early hour. let's check out interstate 66 eastbound near route 50 in fair oaks looking good at the moment. check back in ten minut and it will be a different story, i guarantee you. out on the rails, up we go. no worries. >> thanks, vjerry very much. a woman once thought to be the victim of a horrific attack now facing criminal charges herself. allegations against a republican senate hopeful who is dprabing headlines. a crash at a car race. not on the track but in the stands.
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holy cow. d you see that video? more than 100 people were injured when that set of bleachers just collapsedat an auto race in brzil. local authorities say about 200 people were on the bleachers who they collapsed. six people had to be rushed to thehospital. oh, my goodness. two people we in serious condition. local officials are looking into what caused that calamity. this morning the woman who admitted to splashing acid on her own face is facing charges. a warrant was issued last night. she initially claimed someone splashed acid on her but later admitt she did it herself. her parents say she was trying to kill herself or at least get a new face. it comes after a benefit raised $28,000 for store row. the donaons will be returned.
5:27 am
she is in the hospital recovering. 5:27 the time. 56 degrees out there right now. this morning a former president's controversial comments. >> i feel that my role as a former president is probaly superior to that of other presidents. >> what jimmy carter is saying about what he told brian williams. also, a favorite of the tea party movement, t subject of serious allegations involving campaign money. next, new today, another arrest in connection with a
5:28 am
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talking, texting. an importan event takes place to try to curb deadly trend, distracted driving. >> caught on tape. another suspect locked up in connection with a streng of robberies targeting the university of maryland students. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. >> i'm joe krebs on tuesday, the 21st day of september, 2010. a live look outsideight now. gorgeous morning out there. 56 degrees. cool and crisp. nice, big moon in the sky above us. maybe the moon is going away. >> about 20 minutes ago.
5:31 am
kerplunk. another full moon this evening. we're starting off with a clear sky. jupiter is bright. upper 50s in washington. near e bay, near 60. near the water, 50 degrees. 40s in a few locations across maryland and virginia and the rural areas and out of the mountains only in the 40s. on the eastern sre, low 50s away from the water. off to a clear start. high pressure nosing down from ontario. of our region we'll be in place with lots of sun. high near 80. winds southwest bringing in summer like heat. jerry, how is the traffic? >> authorities on the scene. pennsylvania avenue at branch avenue in southeast. be careful if you're headed over there. a good chunk of the intersection is blocked. we'll keep a close watch on
5:32 am
that. pickin up a little bit of volume but no concerns along 270. however, we have word of an accident on the ramp from i-70 east bound to go on to 270 south. so we'll watch for that. metro rail, vre, mark, looking good un. >> jerry, thank you. anther break in the string of robberies that has the university of maryland community on alert. police arrested a second man wanted in connection with one of those attacks in college park. megan mcgrath joins us live from college park with more on the story. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. there have been half a dozen robberies in the neighborhood around the university of maryland in the last several weeks. me of the victims have been students. now, police are making some progress in one of those cases. a crime that happened back on august the 8th. this surveillance veo was taken at a convenience story following the robbery of two people near the campus of the university of marylan one of the victims was a
5:33 am
student. the pictures helped police make another arrest in the cas yesterday officers picked autopsy a 21-year-old. he is seen in the video toward the back of the store wearing a blue shirt. police say the mensed one of their victim'sredit cards to buy items in the store. last week police arrested another man in the cas 19-year-old shaw. investigators are still lking for the third suspect seen in the video. students at the university of maryland have received several safetylerts in recent weeks following a string of robberies. there have been six such crimes since august 8th. it's unclear if some of the crimes are related. the most recent early sunday morning at the college park shopping center. in some ses they had been armed with guns. in othe cases, they have assaulted their victims before robbing them. and some of the victims have
5:34 am
been university of maryland students. in other cases, they were not. they were not connected to the university. they were just in the area. they all happened early in the morning. people are asked to be very, very careful not to walk alone in the early morning hours. back at you inhe studio. >> megan, thank you. the search is on for what haened to a man found dead locks away from the capitol building. csx workers found a man's body on the tracks near second street and east street late last night. police sayhe body may have been on the tracks for a few days. it is described as thaof a black man in his 40s or 50s. at this point police do not know if he was killed or died of natural causes. this morning two children are in the hospital with serious injuries after they were hit by a car. it happened about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the two kids were crossing polk street near ken nellworth in northeast washington when they were hit. the driver stayed on the scene. no word whether charges will be
5:35 am
filed. police say both children are 10 years old. we're following a developing story early this morningfrom afghanistan. nine service members with the inrnational coalition there are dead after a helicopter crash. nato says two others were injured in the crash, includg a u.s. citizen. the location of the accident is not being disclosed and the cause of the crash is being investigated. but nato says there are no reports of any enemy fire in the area. the deaths bring the number of international troops killed in that country this month to 32. it may not feel like it, b the longest recession since world war ii has ended. at least that's what the national bureau of economic research is saying this morning. they actually say the 18-month-long recession ended back in june 2009. it lasted 18 months. a meeting at the federal reserve are trying to figure out if
5:36 am
additional stops are needed to strengthen the economy and drive down unemployment. many voiced their frustration to president obama during a cnbc town hall meeting yesterday. >> i voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people. i'm waiting, sir. i don have it yet. >> i can describe what's happening to the economy overall, but if you're out of work right now, the only thing that you're going to be hearing is when do i get a job. >> the predent also challenged republicans to say how they would cut spending and taxes without cuttg programs like social security. this morning former president jimmy carter is clarifying a statement he made during an interview with nbc's brian wilams. during that interview he contended that he was superior to other former presidents. >> you were well off to the side on the right. and i thought to myself, there is a possible metaphor. what is it about you you think the way yohave decided to conduct your life in post
5:37 am
presidency? do you feel listened to? do you feel that you receive your due? or do you feel, in fact, apart from the crowd? >> no. i feel that my rolas a former president is probably superior to that of other president primarily because of the activism and the injection of working in international affairs, and to some degree, domestiaffairs. >> t former president later issued a statement saying, quote, what i meant was for 27 years the carter cent has provided me with superior opportunities to do good. more controversy surrounding cistine o'donnell. owe watch dog group says o'donnell used campaign money pay her personal penses. o'donnell, who is a tea party favorite, denies that she used funds to pay rent i march and april2009.
5:38 am
she raised a lot of eyebrows when an 11-year-old video surface thad showed her on the show politically incorrect. she knitted to dabbling in witch craft and one of her first dates was with a witch on a satanic altar. a referee locked up on hocking charges. a super-sized salmon that sparked a debate sgloot coolest morning of the season so far. we'll get a cck of
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong filies and hard work means portunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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it's 5:41. a chilly start to this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. now a clear ky. and we have temperatures only in the 40s. many of the rural areas this morning upper 50s in washington. near 60 by the bay. highs today climbing to near 80 with lots of sun.
5:42 am
upper 80s to nr 90. might get a shower after midnigh and partly cloudy friday and hot again. >> tom, at this hour, authorities remain on the scene of an accident southeast. pennsylvania avenue and branch avenue. be careful over there. inner loop of the beltway, route 7, multiple car accidents. just happened. authorities are headed over there. at least one lane blocked inner loop between 66 and route 7. over on the approach of the 14th street bridge, looking okay. just a little bit of volume at the moment. joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you. time is 5:42. a t-shirt brings the immigration debate to a lcal mall. what it says that has some people up in arms. members who said the numbers don't lie, lied. turning losers into winners. national leaders will be out during the morning rush hour
5:43 am
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5:48 am
the defense department is revising plans to move security check points closer to the pentagon. that's according to the washington examer newspaper. back in july, pentagon officials announced plans to move the security screenings farther away from the pentagonto increase security. that came in response to that shooting at the metro station back in martha wounded two guards and ended with a gunman being shotto death. the northern virginia transportation commission protested the move away from the
5:49 am
building saying security check points would slow the commutes of thousands of people and limit access to the disabled. the search is on for who killed a college student in the istrict. ashley mccray was found along cx
5:50 am
investigators say they found pictures laid out on a table in bargett's home this june. as firefighters inspected the redence for fire damage after a fire broke out in s neighbor's town house. he is a firefighter for the washington metropolitan airport authority and has been place on administrative leave. a t-shirt that is on sale in a mall in frederick, maryland is causing a lot of controversy this morning. they began selling a t-shirt with a message supporting arizona's tough stance on illegal immigration. some complained the message
5:51 am
maryland stands with arizona was offensive. and a letter was sent to the mall saying it to take it down. coole morning we have had so far. good morning. we have a start down in the 40s in many locations. under a clear sky. in the upper 50s in washington. near 60 by the bay. weather watchers reporting in the upper 40s. arlington county now in the low 50s. and it's just near 50 in prince george's county. elsewhere, out of the mountains of maryland, west virginia, pennsylvania just in the 40s. eastern shore away from the waters w. low 50s. right near the tidewater region, it's near 60 degrees. view from space swing a clear sky. beautiful start to this da we will have lots of sunshine and students waing for the buses this morning will be needing a jacket or sweater.
5:52 am
it's going to be just in the 40s in many rural areas. mid-50s closer to the city. lots of sunshine. by noon time, mid-70s. by late afternoon, back down into the 70s. overnight tonight we'll have that nearly full moon up. 60s through the evening. you'll notice jupiter. brigh in the eastern-southeastern sky. predawn and the weste sky. and this is a photo taken by one of our viewers just last night. david abu, amateur astronomer who lives in virginia took this. you can see jupiter and four of its biggest moons. beautiful shot there. tomorrow we'll be warming up with a southwesterly breeze to near 90 degrees. thursday, upper 80s. few clouds around. maybe a shower after midnight through midday thursday. hot again on friday and partly cloudy. cooler over the weekend. small chance of a shower sunday and monday. we're following breaking
5:53 am
news in southeast washington that certainly could affect your commute this morningwith an accident still in the roadway. it's pennsylvania avenue at branch avenue on the east side so fast bridge, if you will. right now appears very well, if any, traic is getting by coming up on pennsylvania avenue right at the intersection of branch avenue, which is one of the busiest tersections of the district. right now traffic being held up. maybe diverted through the neighborhood. we'll keep you updated on that. if you normally travel toured the bridge, watch out for that. elsewhere, 66, moving up quickly. volume here. however, bigger problem now. multicar crash in the loop of the pelt way. right side of the roadway and left side of the roadway are blocked. we're seeing delays not only on the beltway but 66 trying to get to or beyond 495. out to the rails we go. metro, vre, camden, slightly
5:54 am
delayed. eun? >> a consumer alert. g.m. is recalli more than 20,000 cars. the 2009 and 2010 clad cts and ctsv need to have their glove compartments replaced. front seat passengers not wearing seatbelts could hit the glove box door and suffer leg injuries if they crash. notices are being september out in the mail next month. well, if you bhatt a lottery ticket this past weekend, pull it ou >> you may want to give it a second look. the d.c. lottery made a mistake. 1-18-37-39-44. but the powerball number was 13, not 14 as origally first thought. news 4's craig melvin explains the mixup. >> i don't want everybody playing my numbers.
5:55 am
>> reporter: may whitfield would not tell us which numbers she played. tim morris wouldn't either. but the die-hard powerballer did tell us why he's so confused. >> powerball, i came and it was 14. then i hear somebody tell me they made a mistake. >> the cashier tried explaining whatappened. players like morris want answers. >> is this human error or computer error or machine error? how did it happen? >> reporter: we took his question straight to the top. buddy runs d.c. lotry. >> we know it was human error. we know that the wrong number was input by mistake. the powerball number, the very last number, was 13. that was the real number. but for some reason the number 14 was input tohe vendors, to the retailers who pay out on winning numbers. >> that was saturday night. by the time they discovered the problem it was late sunday morning. that meant even with the wrong powerball number some folks got
5:56 am
lucky. >> if th had a 14 they got a win and they wouldn't have herwise. >> d.c. ltery shut down the system from 11:45 sunday morning until 9:00 sunday night to figure out how to fithe problem. only a handful of players were affected. the lottery lost less than 800 bucks. >> we're grateful it wasn't worse. i can tell you it will not happen again. >> reporter: little comfort to some folks who worry the big one may have gotten away. >> i hope the tickets i threw away weren't a winner. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4. >> lottery officialsay they got dozens of calls but no one threw away a jackpot winner apparently from the calls. and no d.c. powerball tickets won more than $100 on saturday night. salmon could soon be the first genetically sold fd in the u.s.
5:57 am
studies have already proven the procs to be safe. if the fda approves it, the genetically enhanced salmon could end up on dinner plates in the next two years. >> would you eat a salmon as big as th desk? >> i don't think i would. if you're injecting it with growth hormon doesn't that mean y would be ingesting it as well. bedbugs invade a local public library. we'll tell you where. and our time right now is 5:57. 59 degrees. we'll have weather and traffic together on the ones coming up. stay with us. news 4 continues.
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